Friday, August 1, 2008

Greg Faddell skates SC park

Imagine a 40 something skater ripping slalom, downhill and parks. Hell Fadell from Detroit was heading north from the US Nationals in Morro Bay to race at the Gorge Games in Hood River and stopped for a session. He raced well in both events. Skating rules! Skating since the 70's most of us are stoked to have parks again. When I hear skaters bitch about parks it blows my mind. Having no parks at the peak of your career now that's something to bitch about.

Greg on the right racing George Pappas another skater from the past. Photo: by carvethebowl

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not forgotten

The pavement on Monterey is pretty alligatored and rough. Word is the road will not get paved for 4 years. Can't hold a race on it and it would be way better to have a skate contest on something smoother. I'll keep you posted.